Item support includes:

  • Availability of the author to answer questions
  • Answering technical questions about item’s features
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues

However, item support does not include:

  • Customization services
  • Installation services
  • Compatibility with 3rd party themes


Public Tickets

Chris Briley Update to 2.0.8 doesn't show price when a quantity is selected   Events+ Version 2.0   Updated 26 minutes ago   2 Most recent comment from Fabrizio:Hi, same problem here after update to 2.0.8 ... revert to 2.0.6 because I don't have the version 2.0.7 There is any place where to download version 2.0.7? 2.0.6 is not bad but customers and admin get ... Brennen Not working!   Events+ Version 2.0   Updated 5 hours ago   2 Most recent comment from Fabrizio:Yes ... same to me after the update to the latest version 2.0.8 So I revert to the older available I have 2.0.6 I already open a support ticket also yesterday. Waiting for a further fix. wojtek How to change "register" button name   Events+ Version 2.0   Updated 7 hours ago   1 Most recent comment from wojtek:I bought your calendar and it works perfect. 1. Is it possible to change event "Register" button name on something different? 2. Can I remove event fee somehow? (price is unknown in my case) Thank y ... Fabrizio payment_url tag not works   Events+ Version 2.0   Updated 2 days ago   1 Most recent comment from Fabrizio:Dear Support, I set a custom confirmation email using the tag [payment_url] but same like it not works. Is not a clickable link but the full url is in plain text and customer must copy and paste on t ... Bobby Jones Upgrading from old vertion   Events+ Version 2.0   Updated 2 days ago   2 Most recent comment from Muhammad M.:You need to remove the older version and upload the new one via wp admin section.